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Alpha-gal Symposium:

Hope and Resilience in the Face of Alpha Gal Syndrome

Saturday, August 28, 9:00-4:00

8/28 Alpha-Gal Symposium

Saturday, August 28, 9:00-4:00
Presented by Reynolds Homestead and New College Institute

Complete the form below to register for our scholarship. Winners will be announced by 11:59pm Wednesday, August 25.

Registration Closed!

Application Deadline:
12:00 pm Wednesday, August 25

On-Line – $15
In-Person – $25
(includes AG-friendly breakfast & lunch)

A diagnosis of Alpha Gal Syndrome can seem overwhelming to new patients, and exhausting to experienced ones. Two keys to successful management are KNOWLEDGE and SELF-ADVOCACY. The 3rd Annual AGS Symposium will present information to help you navigate through this diagnosis and fight for your health and well-being.

Topics and Speakers Include:

  • Mental Health and AGS, Heather Hargis, M.MFT
  • SAAT Treatment – What Is It and How Does It Work? Dr. Nader Soliman
  • AGS Patient Symptoms and Experiences, Dr. Jennifer Platt
  • Finding JOY! in AGS, Candice Matthis and Debbie Nichols, Two Alpha Gals
  • GalSafe Pig Updates, Dr. John Bianchi, Revivicor
  • SAAT Panel Discussion, moderated by Dr. Debi Farley
  • Advocating for Yourself and Alpha-Gal, ​Beth Carrison
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