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Lyme Voice Interview with Dr. Jennifer Platt: Protecting People, Pets and Property from Ticks

Dr. Jennifer Platt spoke with LymeVoice podcasters Aaron Sanchez and Sarah Sanchez in November of 2019. The discussion focused on the complexities of Lyme Disease. Dr. Jennifer Platt is Cofounder of Tick-borne Conditions United, and CEO of TickWarriors. The podcast focused on how to protect people, pets, and property from ticks, and included multiple topics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Non-toxic alternatives to Deet and Permithian.
  • Eco-friendly tick prevention.
  • Daily tick checks — all the soft areas.
  • Throw your clothes in the dryer after being outside. Ticks can survive in water, but heat kills.
  • Tick Born Conditions United and its mission of Education, Research, Advocacy. TBC United is dedicated to the urgent need to support health care providers, affected patients and their families, and employers with the latest research, science-based knowledge, and innovations to diagnose and treat tick-borne diseases.
  • Alpha-gal Syndrome (AGS), an allergy to red meat which can be caused by a tick bite, is life-threatening. Too few health professionals are aware of Alpha-gal Syndrome (or Alpha-gal Allergy) and, as a result, thousands of patients (male and female) remain undiagnosed while suffering from numerous debilitating ailments.
  • The Tick Act — renamed the Kay Hagen Tick Act — got started when Congress made a requirement years ago to have a federal tick-borne disease working group. It includes funding for education, research, medications.

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