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Healio reporter, Alexandra (Sasha) Todak contacted TBC United to learn more about the Alpha-gal Syndrome

Patient Experience Survey results presented at the 2022 Annual American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) Conference, March 1st, in Phoenix, AZ.

“Patients with Alpha-gal Syndrome reported many physical and mental effects along with a profound quality-of-life impact – it goes beyond just not eating meat.” said TBC United CoFounder, and survey co author Dr. Jennifer Platt. To learn more about the results, you can read the Healio article here.

With more than 34,000 documented cases and rapid growth pattern since its discovery in the United States, it’s critically important to keep Alpha-gal Syndrome on the radar of all stakeholders through credible educational resources such as Healio, and AAAAI.

We thank Healio and Ms. Todak for their interest, and assistance in raising awareness about the unique attributes and potentially life-threatening consequences of Alpha-gal Syndrome.

Download the AGS Patient Experience Survey Poster Presentation

To view our first AGS white paper, please click here.

To take the Alpha-gal Patient Experience Survey click here.

Yours truly,

Beth and Jennifer

Beth Carrison, INHC
CoFounder and Director of Advocacy

Jennifer Platt, DrPH
CoFounder and Director of Programs

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    Cofounder, TBC United, CEO and Founder, TickWarriors

    Dr. Jennifer Platt has decades of experience in public health and environmental program development. She has led the creation of nationally recognized, award-winning education programs and has spoken extensively to audiences of all sizes.

    While working on her doctorate in public health from the University of North Carolina in 2011, Dr. Platt contracted Ehrlichiosis. She was later confirmed to also have Lyme Disease and Babesia.

    Dr. Platt’s personal experience with tick-borne illness led her to create TickWarriors in 2016, which provides eco-friendly tick protection for people, pets, and property. The pervasive need for education and awareness led Dr. Platt to co-found Tick-borne Conditions United in 2018 with Beth Carrison.

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